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Why should I choose Lärarförbundet instead of LR?

Hi, I will soon finish my degree as a teacher and wondering wich union I should choose. What are the difference between Lärarförbundet and LR?
Why should I choose you?


  • Hi,
    Congratulations on becoming a teacher soon!
    We don´t usually compare ourselves with other unions but are happy to tell you what we are most proud of the Teachers´ Union.
    • If you are not a member already, you should become a student member during the rest of your studies. The membership as a student don´t cost anything.  After your exam you only pay 100 SEK for your first year as a working teacher. Even the second year is the membership fee reduced, it is 150 SEK per month. It is from year two you start to pay full membership fee.
    • Teachers Union, Lärarförbundet, is the largest union for teachers and our goal is to engage the teaching profession with all teachers and school leaders.
    • We refuse to pit different categories of teachers against each other, including school leaders. That’s why we all get involved – together we become stronger.
    • Due to the large number of members, we can offer priceworthy membership fees and great insurance from Lärarförsäkringar.
    • We are proud of our elected representatives who´s going to help you at your workplace.
    • Lärarförbundet Kontakt will help you with practical questions as well as union issues.
    Please check this out for more information about us!

    Looking forward to seeing you as our member ☺️


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